The Curious Minds of My Children Left Behind: Why Dad goes to work

by Mr Louis F. Gomez (Author)

Everyday before I would leave for work my kids would ask me, "Daddy why are you leaving?" I would tell them the same reason every time; "I have to go to work."

By simply saying I need to go to work,I assumed they would understand that I had a responsibility to provide for them...but I realized that they did not understand. They simply felt left behind. The sadness overcame me as I drove to work. This gave me the Idea to write this book. I decided to explain through poetry and illustration what I meant by "going to work."

I hope this book will be a tool for parents all over the world whose children have the same inquisitive minds. Hopefully, our kids will understand that life isn't free and we work to provide and care for those we love.

About Louis Gomez

This is Louis Gomez's first published book.

Louis is a loving father and husband who enjoys traveling with his family to endless destinations. He believes taking vacations with your family is crucial to building long lasting relationships and memories.

About Louis Gomez

"Travel often and watch your family smile!" - Louis